10 Ways to Survive in Nairobi in the Wake of Increased Robbery 

There have been cases of increased stubbing, shooting, and muggings in the Central Business District in most towns, especially in Nairobi making the streets unsafe for everyone. The absence of antimugging officers, the special service Unit {SSU} has been blamed to be the major Cause.

10 Ways to Survive in Nairobi in the Wake of Increased Robbery 

However, below are tactics you need to adapt to while walking in the popular Nairobi`s CBD to avoid muggings from unappreciative robbers who steal from innocent Kenyans.

1. Avoid motorbikes or bodabodas unless the rider is known to you. Even if the bodaboda is your routine customer, listen to his motorcycle engines, and be more vigilant in the vicinity of Boda Bodas as they are used by criminals to attack, surveil and get away fast from crime scenes. Listening to the engine’s change of sounds puts you on high alert if the rider is reducing or increasing the speed at an unexpected place. Equally, the engine sounds of the bodaboda riders will alert you as a pedestrian that the motorbike is nearing you or passing by so that you remain alert.

2. Avoid walking alone after dark or in remote, quiet regions, and avoid casually displaying expensive stuff like jewelry, phones, and laptops. Remove any valuables you do not need.

3. Walk in groups of two or more and become familiar with the roads and routes, especially while walking in Nairobi`s downtown.

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Group of Men rioting in Nairobi Running Away from Police wrath in 2019. PHOTO FILE

4. Use your mirrors frequently while driving to spot any Boda Boda operator that might be following you suspiciously. Avoid taking the same commute route every day for instance in Nairobi you can take Kimathi Avenue tomorrow, Harambee Avenue today, and Kenyatta Avenue the next. Avoid making a particular street but instead, keep on confusing them.

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5. Keep in mind to hold your bag straps securely in place by your hands and to keep them over your shoulders at all times. Check to see if the person grabbing you is armed before you leave your belongings and don't fight back. Leave the area quickly while still alive.

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Undated screen grab of  CCTV Footage shows men robbing an identified man in Popular Nairobi`s CBD Areas. PHOTO FILE.

6. Keep expensive stuff out of sight if you're in a café, restaurant, or other eating establishments to prevent a hasty opportunistic grab.

7. When traveling through Nairobi's CBD or any other part of the city after dark, you should avoid being sidetracked by using your phone. Instead, stay focused and attentive while moving and pay attention to how people behind you and in front of you are acting.

8. Always keep a physical copy of your emergency contacts on hand in case your phone gets lost or stolen.

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9. When doubtful, ask G4S and/or recognized security responders for guidance on what to watch out for when traveling to prevent becoming a victim of crime.

10. Get G4s escort services if you are a foreign national traveling in and around the capital.

Always Remember to be Safe your future generations need you more.