150 Years And Still Waiting

Ethiopia Still waits for the Buckingham Palace to return the remains of 'Stolen' Prince 150 years later.

150 Years And Still Waiting

Ethiopia`s teenage Prince Dejat Alemayehu`s  remains are apparently 'stuck' in Buckingham Palace. His body was allegedly captured by British troops in London and the British Roysl family is yet to release it.

Alemayehu was taken from his home at the age of 6 in 1868 and died over a decade after. His body was then buried at Windsor Castle, one of King Charles III`s official residences which is also the traditional site of British royal funerals and weddings.

One of the descendant of the prince said that they wished for the remains to be brought back to Africa, more specifically to Ethiopia because that is where he was born. 

In a statement regarding letting go of the body said that the Dean and Canons of Windsor are sensitive to the need to honour the memory of the Prince. In addition, they were advised that there was an unlikely possibility to exhume the remains without disturbing the resting place of a substantial number of others in a vicinity.  However, the Ethiopian Embassy to London was allowed to keep visiting the grave to pay respects.