18 Sheep Returned In Northlands

18 of the stolen sheep from Northlands have been returned

18 Sheep Returned In Northlands
18 sheep returned to Northlands

At least 18 sheep have been recovered and are back to Northlands, a land that belongs to Uhuru Kenyatta. The sheep were stolen on the same day Azimio la Umoja supporters were having their bi-weekly demonstrations. Police had failed to recognize the thugs who stole the sheep, built a temporary house and later set the land ablaze. 

The "goons" that made way into the farm were reportedly armed with powersaws and machettes.

Five of the sheep were reportedly taken to Dandora police station on Wednesday night where the security of the farm was called for enquiries. They identified them through special marks on the sheep and returned them home. 

The other sheep were returned in cars by unrecognized people who drop them on the farm and fled off. 

The farm security say that they remain positive and that they will recover all the sheep. They also urge those holding the sheep to return them.