2 Painful Disadvantages Of Using Bar Soap On The Skin

Each way of washing has its advantages and disadvantages.

2 Painful Disadvantages Of Using Bar Soap On The Skin
Bar soap is simply soap that comes in a solid bar shape. You get it wet in your hands; then you can use the soap directly on your skin or apply it with a washcloth or loofah. There are bar soaps for both your face and body, but generally, the two will have different formulas, so make sure you know which kind you’re using!

This article will help you figure out the main disadvantages of bar soap.

1. Breeds bacteria unless you store it right. 

Here's the thing: Bar soap itself isn't unhygienic; rather, it's how you store the bar that matters (and what seems to give bar soaps their bad rap). If they stay moist (like, say, in a puddled soap dish), that's when the bacteria has a field day. If you use bar soap, you'll want to store it in a completely dry area and make sure you wash it before each use.

2. Bar soaps tend to have a higher pH level than liquid soap, which may be more likely to dry the skin compared to liquid soap.