2 Qualities To Develop If You Want People To Be Able To Trust You

Can you be trusted? Can people be able to rely on you and want to be associated with you? Then you need to be able to develop these qualities. And before we dwell on the qualities, I want you to answer these questions and evaluate yourself based on them

2 Qualities To Develop If You Want People To Be Able To Trust You
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1. Can God trust you with wisdom, talents, or even ministry?

2. Can God trust you with a gift?

3. Can you be trusted with an anointing?

4. Can God trust you with wealth?

5. Can God trust you with a vision?

6. Can you be trusted with a family, church? Or even People?

If you can answer all these questions accurately, then the following qualities will do you good if you correctly develop them in you.

Quality 1: Compassion

Jesus did good things because He had compassion over people. Compassion is the love in action. A love that shows concern for others and is drawn to action. Are compassionate enough in the way you relate with others? You can always pray to God to give you a heart of compassion. Anybody with a heart of compassion can rebuke the devil and the Lord will come to his or her aid. When you help anybody in a problem, God adds unto you so that you continue helping more people. Keep a compassionate heart and people will trust you.

Quality 2: capacity

Everyone has his or her own capacity. You need to develop yourself and build your capacity so that you can impact generations. It all starts with you as there is a greater one living on the inside of you. Whatever you do towards developing yourself, will bring to fruition.

When these two qualities are developed in you, they will go a long way in ensuring people can confidently trust in you.     

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