4 Indications that you are consuming Too much sugar.

We will all come to an agreement that most people love the taste of sugar in their mouth. It’s always vital and important to consume natural sugars mainly from fruits and maybe dairy products in addition to other foods containing starch.

4 Indications that you are consuming Too much sugar.

Normally most products like sweets and foods which are processed contain added sugars which can affect the health of the body in a negative way. One of the side effects of eating too much sugar is increase in weight. It should be noted that pancreas produces insulin which is very crucial in the dissemination of glucose in the body. These are the indications that you consume too much sugar.

You Develop a lackluster Skin.

Consumption of excessive sugar usually destroys a component called collagen in the skin which has a role in ensuring the skin is always supple and shining. The damage results in the development of premature fine lines and wrinkles which are the aging signs.

You feel week and hungry frequently

With every consumption of sugar pancreases normally produces insulin which normally assists in the conversion of sugar into glucose. With excess sugar, insulin results in the reduction of the levels of glucose and this will make one to feel exhausted.

You Frequently Feel Bloated.

Bloating can be as a result of consuming too much sugar. Normally the bacteria in the gut are fed by the excess sugar which leads to production of too much gas and therefore bloating occurs.

­­­­­You Frequently struggle to sleep.

Consuming too much sugar usually affect the way you sleep. It’s said that the more the sugar you take the high the chances you will wake up at night. You will feel tired the next day.