4 Things You Should Know About Babies

There are various major things that probably you didn’t know about young children that you should know to understand them better.

4 Things You Should Know About Babies

Well below is a list of them.

1. Babies have mini periods: It has been proven that young babies especially girls experience mild periods and this may happen around 2 to 10 days after birth. 
However, this condition is very normal and as a parent, you should not be worried since it happens because of the sudden lack of estrogen from the mother.

2.Cry Tearlessly

Young babies may cry but without tears, this is because their tear ducts and duct are still in the process of development and so sometimes you'll see them cry but no tears and that does not mean they are not genuine.

However, when they turn immediately  2 months old you will see some of them start shedding tears while to some it may start even earlier

3.Remember what they ate while in the Womb

Babies can still remember the taste or type of food that they ate while in the womb. This depends on the food that the mother eats. The amniotic fluid in the womb contains some of the food that the baby may sometimes feed on.

4.Babies Can sleep with their eyes open

Tthere are babies that sleep with their eyes open, and some of them may do so until they reach maturity. However, this isn't causing concern. When compared to adults, babies have a faster rate of rapid eye movement, which explains why they may appear to be sleeping when their eyes are open. That may change with time as their nervous system develops.