4-year-old Girl Found Alive In A Well After Missing For Three Days

Villagers in Mburi village, Kirinyaga County have rescued a four-year-old girl who had been missing for three days and was later found in an abandoned well.

4-year-old Girl Found Alive In A Well After Missing For Three Days

The student went missing on Monday under unclear circumstances but was discovered alive three days later in a 40-foot dry well.

The girl was found when two women were gathering firewood around that area and heard the little girl crying.

 "She was lucky because the well had no water. I was with my friend when we heard her crying in the well," said one of the women.

When the two women looked into the well, they saw the girl was wearing a complete school uniform. The woman then called out for help and a large number of villagers came to rescue the little girl.

The girl was allegedly kidnapped by unknown people who attacked her on the way home from school, throwing her into the well hoping she dies.

Bernard Mugo, the girl's father, said that his daughter departed for school on Monday morning but did not come back.

"When our daughter failed to show up in the evening, my wife rang me at my place of work in Kavuti village and informed me that all was not well,” said  the girl's father.

“She told me our daughter had not arrived home from school and I was shocked. I immediately asked my boss to grant me permission to go home and search for her and he agreed." he further narrated.

The girl's family believed she was taken hostage at first, then dropped in the well by her attackers.

“My daughter will be able to explain what really happened once she recovers from her injuries," he said.

Mugo pleaded with the police to look into the case and identify the kidnappers and their intended purpose.

Residents argued that those responsible should be located and brought to justice. Detectives from Kirinyaga East sub-county county advised the family to remain patient while they looked into the matter.