5 Main Reasons Why Some Men may not Like Plus Size Women

There a stereotype evolving around men that Plus size women or chubby women may look unattractive to them but hey this doesn't mean that Plus size women are not lovable, they are, remember the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

5 Main Reasons Why Some Men may not Like Plus Size Women

Below are the reasons why men may quit dating Plus size ladies

1.Less Energetic: Most men believe that Plus size women are less energetic depending on the way their body size is. They believe these women are too lazy to conquer anything when attacked.

2.Body Odor: most men believed that too fat ladies have smelly body odors because they sweat a lot. Remember for the body of a fat person to work effectively, a lot of fat has to be broken down and that will lead to too much sweating.

3. Age: Fat women/ladies appear a bit older even if they are young this may be due to their size. Remember a man won't appreciate walking or rather introducing such a lady to their parents or friends.

4) Cost of management: When men think of fat ladies, what comes to their mind is a picture of one who eats too much. Men like women who eat controllably and decently. Women who can encourage them to save.

5}: Health issues: Most Men believe that chubby women have health issues due to extra fat in their body because they lack body exercise.

6) Low Self Esteem: Chubby ladies have very low self-esteem, as they feel insecure, especially around slimmer women. They usually feel imperfect and this makes them unattractive.