5 People You Wont Believe Actually They Exist

People are very unique and special in their own ways. Here is a story that presents a number of people that many people will be surprised to see.

1. Biggest Mouth Man

Biggest Mouth Man

He goes by the name of Francisco Domingon. He is said to be the man who possess an incredible ability for being with the biggest month than everybody else. Its said to be 6.69 inches’ inn size and moreover a soda bottle can easily fit inside.

2. Metal Eating Man

Metal Eating Man

He goes by the name of Michel Lotito and he is from French. He is said to have consumed metal with weights up to nine tons on a period of forty years. According to report, the man suffered from mental problem commonly known as pica while he was a youth. Normally, the disorder makes people to consume items regarded to as non-edible by human beings for example plastics. The problem affected him to the extent that he began consuming hard item like glass. It said that he had an intestine with thick walls that enabled him to do that.

3. Smallest Waist Woman

Smallest Waist Woman

Michele Kobke is said to be the woman with the smallest waist in the world at age 26. Its reported that its waist dropped from 25 inches to 16 inches mainly because she used to put on a corset every day for a period of three years.

4. Bendiest Woman in the World.

Bendiest Woman in the World.

The lady from German by the name of Julia Gunthel is reported to have the abilities of bending her body parts more than any other person.

5. Unbelievable Hulk

Unbelievable Hulk

The man said to have the incredible hulk, by the name of Romario Dos from Brazil, is said to have brought all to himself through an injection containing fatal mixture of both alcohol and oil. The effects resulted to almost getting his arms amputated.