A Distressing Case Of Organ Harvesting

The body of a 35 –year –old woman who lived in Malindi, Kilifi County, came into the nation with missing internal organs, shocking and upsetting the victim's relatives.

A Distressing Case Of Organ Harvesting

According to a post-mortem report completed on Thursday, November 3, at the mortuary of the Malindi Referral Hospital, the deceased’s internal organs had been removed.

"The appearance of the body revealed that under the cardiovascular system, the body was missing the heart, kidneys, eyeballs, liver, and all major blood vessels, including the aorta," the autopsy report revealed. 

"Organ harvesting has been done," the report disclosed.

Her relatives have requested an investigation into the strange situation in a report to Interpol and the Malindi Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Additionally, the human rights advocacy group HAKI Africa is intervening and calling for prompt investigations into the death and the missing organs of the lady.

According to reports, one of her family members in Italy called her family on September 27 to inform them of her passing.  

It was said that she was discovered dead in her home and after opposing plans to cremate her in Italy, they coordinated and returned her body for burial in Kenya.

However, her body arrived in Kenya on October 27 with bloodstains on the mouth and nose.

The deceased's family raised the alarm and requested a postmortem to determine the exact cause of death.

According to the deceased’s brother, the woman was married to an Italian man, and the two had a daughter.

The two moved to Italy in 2016 but the woman filed a divorce from the Italian man due to domestic violence.

The deceased's mother, Josphine Mrima, stated that her daughter had lived in Italy for 15 years and had only visited there for the first time in 2004 following heart surgery. She had left for Italy once more after coming back to Kenya.