A Meru Village Celebrates after Justice Martha Koome’s Nomination (Photos)

Residents of Mwiteria village in Meru County celebrated on Monday evening after news of Justice Martha Koome’s nomination to occupy the office of Chief Justice broke.

A Meru Village Celebrates after Justice Martha Koome’s Nomination (Photos)

Justice Martha Koome’s elder brother Mwenda Ruteere said they overjoyed when they got the news adding that if appointed to be the country’s Chief Justice, she would achieve her dream.

Lady Justice Martha Koome's Elder Brother

“She was determined to get to the top of the justice system and we are very happy for her,” Mr. Ruteere said.

According to justice Koome’s brother, she was a bright student throughout her life in school and a courageous woman when she later joined the judiciary.

Justice Koome's Brother,his wife and grandchildren

“She is also very humble and I believe this is what has won her this nomination. We pray that she will finally be appointed,” said Mr. Ruteere.

Mwenda Ruteere is a retired inspector who was working for the Meru county government until 2019.

The villagers said they were impressed by Koome’s performance during the interviews conducted by the (JSC) and we're hopeful that she would emerge top.

However, candidate Fred Ngatia who many hoped he will be the winner accused the JSC of rigging him out of the race to succeed CJ Maraga.

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) unanimously agreed to nominate Lady Justice Martha Koome as the next Chief Justice.