A mysterious Road in France that Submerges Twice A Day in Water {PHOTOS}

A mysterious road found in France country in Western Europe has been surprising many on social media especially when one sees its nature. The country covers an area of approximately 640,679 square kilometers of land with a population of 67,399,000 French-speaking people.

A mysterious Road in France that Submerges Twice A Day in Water {PHOTOS}

It is believed that the country is the renowned industrial power in the world.
However, the road is popular as  "Passage du Gois” It is approximately 2.58 Miles. It joins Noirmoutier with the gulf of Burned. It is build using hard stoned pavements. 

Besides, it is surrounded by a huge mass of water originating from the popular Atlantic Ocean.

However, when the water tides rise, the road gets engulfed with water and therefore this makes it very dangerous and unpassable.

This makes the road only passable twice a day every day for few hours.

The road is however dangerous especially when people or cars are caught up with the tides in the middle of the road.

There is a tall rescue tower that is erected in the water to allow those who find themselves in that situation to climb it for rescue.

Due to the nature of the road, it is, therefore, never controlled or supervised and so it is up to people who use the road to know when to use it or not.