Aden Duale Narrates How He and Ruto Left Raila`s Park

Duale Narrates How Raila Kicked him and Ruto out.

Aden Duale Narrates How He and Ruto Left Raila`s Park
Aden Duale

Aden Duale, the current Defence Cabinet Secretary came out explaining how he and President William Ruto got kicked out by Raila Odinga, at the time he was the Prime Minister. Duale was explaining the reason he fell out from Azimio la Umoja Coalition.

At the time when Raila was 'head', Duale served as Assistant livestock Minister while Ruto served as the Minister for Agriculture. They were both in the ODM party. 

"William Ruto and I were fired on the same day. Raila fired us at around 3 O`clock and our names were projected on a screen," Aden explained. 

 President Ruto had shared his side of the story in 2021 while on an interview at Radio Jambo at the time he was the deputy. Ruto had announced that sugar cartels had a hand in his shift from being the Minister for Agriculture. Ruto said that he had made a major contribution towards the Agicultural sector but the sugar cartels were against his developments, making sure that he failed. 

Duale said that he was loyal but still feels betrayed by Raila. 

In addition, Duale has also  urged that presidential system of governance should be banned as a way of ending post-election crisis. Duale suggested parliamentary system would rule better and there would be a chance for every community to rule.