AG Justin Muturi Sworn In As JSC Commissioner

Justin Muturi, the recently appointed Attorney General, has been sworn in as a commissioner of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

AG Justin Muturi Sworn In As JSC Commissioner

After taking the oath, Muturi promised that his Commission would make well-thought-out recommendations that were intended to protect the independence of the judiciary while ensuring that judges and other judicial officers continued to be completely accountable to the Kenyan people.

“On this my first day with you, may I assure you of my full and unwavering support and commitment towards the fulfillment of the role of the Commission,” AG Muturi said.

He praised the Chief Justice for the excellent work that has been done thus far to create the type of judicial system that Kenyans hope to achieve under the Constitution and acknowledged the advancements made, particularly since the present Constitution's adoption in 2010.

The AG claimed that as a result, the public's faith in our courts keeps rising as they express their independence by making rulings that are according to the law.

CJ Koome on her part said that the oath Muturi took today should direct him in carrying out his daily duties in accordance with the law. said, adding that she is convinced he would fulfill his mission.

“I am certain you will be a valuable team player in the Commission and serve as a link between the Commission and the executive branch as we work towards the realization of the constitutional mandate of the JSC,” said Koome.

On October 27, 2022, AG Muturi took over from Paul Kihara Kariuki, who had been handling the docket since 2018.

Other duties of the Attorney General within the Commission include promoting and facilitating the independence and accountability of the judiciary in addition to the hiring and disciplining of judges and judicial personnel.