American YouTuber Set to Construct Kshs. 9M Library in Busia

Busia County residents will have reason to rejoice as a popular American YouTuber, Zack Nelson, who runs the DIY tech JerryRigEverything, is set to build a Kshs. 9 million library in Busia.

American YouTuber Set to Construct Kshs. 9M Library in Busia

NelsonThe YouTuber announced in a video that he has been putting aside Ksh.9 million from the proceeds of his YouTube channel for the project.

“Education can solve all of the world’s problems, which is why we have exciting news that part of the 75,000 dollars that you guys have given us by watching our videos is going to be used to build a full-size library in Kenya,” Nelson stated.

The YouTube sensation is working on the project with his alleged uncle Philip, a Kenyan who moved to the United States 15 years ago to study. Philip grew up in Budalangi and was hosted by Nelson's family when he moved to the United States, and he believes it is now their turn to give back to the community.

The library, which Philip claims will be the only one within a 100-mile radius, will serve ten primary schools, six high schools, and three colleges in the area.

The two have now launched a campaign to collect funds and physical books from Americans of goodwill in order to equip the library. Their goal is to collect 12,000 to 15,000 books, primarily children's books, novels, encyclopedias, and textbooks.

“This library will provide an opportunity for kids to start reading and learning about books from the age of two all the way to six. We will have things like nursery rhymes that will help equip the children before they transition to primary school,” Philip stated.