Attention Ladies! 4 Signs You Might be Pregnant with a male Child

Scientifically the gender of a child can only be revealed after an Ultrasound is done after a period of 4 months but according to tales, a baby’s gender can be revealed even after one week on conception.

Attention Ladies! 4 Signs You Might be Pregnant with a male Child

Well, below are 4 old Wives' tales that can help you in identifying your baby's gender before an ultrasound.

Extreme appetite

It is alleged that expectant women with boys, tend to munch a lot and in large quantities therefore, if you find yourself eating in large quantities, as many times as possible in a day, you are pregnant with a boy.

Note: This is only after you've confirmed that you're pregnant.

Spicy Foods. 

If at all you're pregnant and you find yourself craving for salty and sour foods like fries, sour yogurt, pineapples, apples amongst others, then you are likely carrying a boy child. It is believed that male children prefer sour foods, unlike girls who prefer sweets.

Less Morning sickness 

If you're pregnant for a male child, it is believed that you will experience mild vomiting, especially during morning hours because higher hormone levels in girl babies cause worse morning sickness.

Glossy skin

According to these old tales, if your skin is glowing more and free from acne, with thick and lustrous hair, you are expecting a boy. It is said that it is due to the presence of male testosterone because Female hormones in girls are known to cause breakouts and so if you don’t have breakouts then it means you are expecting a baby boy.