Attention Parents! Never Say These 5 Things to Your Children

Parenting is al rounded and for it to be successful it, therefore, needs joint support from both parents and close family members. There are several things that a parent may tell his/ her child unknowingly that can kill their self-esteem.

Attention Parents! Never Say These 5 Things to Your Children

Below are the things you need to watch out for as a parent never to utter them to your children
1. You live under my roof as per my rules: Never say this to your children even though it is necessary. Remember by doing that you might be imposing dictatorship on them and you know what consequences it can result in.

2. I am disappointed in what you've done: This is a harsh word to tell your child. This will make your child feel that he/she is a dismay to you and the rest. Instead, find a better way to express your feelings towards the issue. 

3. You didn't do well: Find a better way of communicating this to them. This is because adding a negative sentence after a good complement will make your child feel that you are not appreciating their

4.I am struggling and doing everything for you-Remember saying this will enable your child to imagine that he/ she is being a burden to you. For God’s sake taking care of your child is your responsibility as a parent no one else.

5.This work is meant for Boys/ Girls only: Start instilling gender equalities in your children as early as possible. That way they will learn that all duties are for both genders and everyone deserves equal treatment.