Australia To Ban Tik Tok

Australian Government gives directives against Tik Tok

Australia To  Ban Tik Tok
Australia Bans Tik Tok

All Government-owened devices in Australia are banned from using the social media app over security accusations. This comes after the U.S also banned the Chinese- owned app. 

The claims alleges that the China government could be sourcing political information to its advantage, undermining Western security interest. 

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus has announced that the ban was to be implemented " as soon as practible," on a case by case basis, ensuring security measures are taken.

Australia marks up a sum of the Five Eyes Intelligence-sharing network, which is made up by Australia, Canada, Britain, New Zealand and the United States. The European Commission, Belgium and France have also followed the lead. 

The Tik Tok Administration said it was dissapointed by this move, saying that it was "driven by politics" instead of facts.