Backed-up ChatGPT To Be Launched

Elon Musk Promises to Launch A Backed Up ChatGPT

Backed-up ChatGPT To Be Launched
Elon Musk, Twitter CEO

The Space X owner and Tesla CEO announced that he will launch an Artificial Intelligence(AI) platform called the "Truth GPT"  which is aimed to challange Microsoft  (MSFT.O)  and Google (GOOGL.O) 

Musk announced that the truth GPT will oversee the nature of the universe. He said that this might be the "best path to safety" unlikely to annihilate humans. 

The move was inspired after a group of AI experts called for a 6 months break from  developing more powerful systems than the GPT-4 which is the current powerful open AI. 

He has also warned that the AI has its dangers, ' it has potential of civilization destruction", stating that a super inteligent could write and potentially manipilate public opinions. 

Musk had stepped down from AI in 2018, atime when he said he was focusing on Tesla and Space X but got back in 2019. 

This comes after it was revealed that Musk had recently registered a firm named X.AI Corp. The firm is said to be registered with Musk being the Sole Director and Jared Birchall as the managing director of Musk`s family Office.