Bad Communication Habits to Avoid

Communication involves conveying messages from one person to another. The essence of communication is to pass information so that the other party can understand, react, or be educated.

Bad Communication Habits to Avoid

Recently, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua shared his opinion about the young generation lacking a sense of good communication skills. According to him, it is not ethical for a person asking for help from a senior person to use informal language or rather to start a conversation and leave it 'hanging'.

"Young people out there, please work on your communication skills and emotional intelligence," Dr. Mutua stated.

In most cases, most seniors have fallen victim to such scenarios from people who are seeking assistance from them. Dr. Mutua noted that it would be great if most young people sent their messages with the information that they are trying to pass across.

"Do not write to your seniors or people you look up to such nonsense as "Hi" without completing the message. So you want someone to write back "Hi" then what?" Dr. Ezekiel stated.

Here are some screengrabs about what people had to say with some supporting his opinion as they have fallen victim to such scenarios in their DMs.

The issue of poor communication skills has raised a lot of questions among people with some stating that the young generation needs to be very careful with how they address the senior people in society.

Most young people have embraced informal texting such that they fail to differentiate between who to text formally and who not to text formally. 

It will be important if each one of us to be able to identify the person that we are dealing with and get the best way to interact with them.