Beautiful Man Allegedly Arrested in Uganda for Defrauding Men with his Looks

A beautiful man was allegedly arrested on Tuesday 1st November in  Uganda after he was accused of defrauding fellow men with his cute looks.

Beautiful Man Allegedly Arrested in Uganda for Defrauding Men with his Looks

According to the viral video shared online the man posed to be a woman in a beautiful Dera dress. He also had well-applied makeup on.


From his appearance, no one would tell he was a gentleman. His blond complexion was an added addition to completely showing someone that he was a man.

He also had well-made and maintained hair.

Kenyans backed the man on Twitter, saying that while he might be transgender, he is not a robber.

In a similar case, a man who was identified as Charles Kinuthia was also arrested in Meru county on November 1st for robbing drunkards at night as he pretends to be a beautiful woman.

Reports stated that Charles would approach drunkards promising them a good ending. He would later rob them of everything including their clothes.

Charles Kinuthia in Meru county. PHOTO FACEBOOK

There have been more instances of guys impersonating women to swindle other men. Males have been accused of wanting to obtain free money from other men due to the difficult economic conditions.

In May 2020, another man pretending to be a woman in Bungoma county was beaten and arrested by police after he allegedly tried to seduce and extort money from unsuspecting roadblock police officers at night.

The man had convinced the officers until when his phone Rang, the ringtone "usipime mwanaume song" and the number that showed up was "WIFE" made the police suspicious.

No photo description available.


Men no longer desire to work hard to provide for their families by putting food on the table every day and this is alarming.

Netizens reacted that its high time men need to be alert to avoid being swindled by fellow men.