Benefits of Yam Leaves For Health

Yam leaves have heart like in shape with pointed tip which are slender, annual climbing stems bear loped on entire leaves.

Benefits of Yam Leaves For Health
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In our daily routine, when it comes to cooking yams most people cook the roots and replant the stem or throw away the remaining leaves not knowing the benefits it offers to our bodies.

Some research has shown that yam leaves are more nutritious than spinach, celery, carrots, and cucumbers. When it comes to vitamin B, iron, zinc, protein, antioxidants, and calcium.

People may think they are poisonous but they are not. Yams are a type of tuber vegetable, they are often mistaken for sweet potatoes, however, they are less sweet and more starchy.

The taste of the leaves is less bitter than most green such as neem leaves. Its taste is mild flavor with a taste similar to spinach 

Here are the benefits it offers to the human body

Heart ailments

Consuming yam leaves which have an adequate amount of vitamin K properties helps maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of having a cardiac arrest. It helps also overcome anxiety and stress and prevents the arteries calcification caused by a heart attack.

Period pain

Content of Vitamin K in yam leaves can help regulate the hormones function and lover menstrual pains such as cramps and also reduce excessive bleeding During menstruation.

Treat Cancer

Cancer disease is where abnormal cells divide out of control and are able to attack the other tissues. Consuming yam leaves will prevent normal cells into cancer cells because it contains beta-carotene, antioxidants,anti-cancerous properties, and Vitamin C.

These contents are helpful to cure various kinds of cancer especially colon, prostate, nasal and oral, and stomach cancer.

Density of Bones

Besides preventing arteries calcification from causing a heart attack Vitamin K in yam leaves also plays role in maintaining the Calcio on bones and reducing bone loss that causes osteoporosis.

Brain Health

Consuming yam leaves regularly can prevent the brain from oxidating stress which is radical damage.

Gum Health

Those who often suffer from gum or teeth problems better consume yam leaves which plays role in the mineralization of teeth and bones.

Promotes Healthy Gut

Experiencing gastrointestinal distress Including nausea and vomiting? If you consume yam leaves it will help promote a healthy digestive tract relieving constipation and preventing colon cancer.