Biden's $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Relief Passed By Democrats

President Biden had proposed the relief package in efforts to cushion Americans who have been dealt a blow by the global pandemic that has continued wreaking havoc.

Biden's $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Relief Passed By Democrats
US President Joe Biden. [Photo/ Courtesy]

The US President Joe Biden carried a huge victory on Saturday [today] after Democrats voted largely in support of his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 pandemic relief plan.

Justifying their support, Democrats stated that the relief comes in hand especially at a time when the US citizens are facing hard times occasioned by the outbreak. 

"The American people need to know that their government is there for them," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referring to the pandemic that has stolen over 0.5 million lives in the US, leaving millions of others jobless.

President Biden in his first days in office is paying much attention to handling the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis reportedly the very major challenge that the US has had for a century.

Biden's $1.9 trillion packages will entail $1,400 direct transactions to individuals, $400 weekly federal unemployment benefit to be in place until August.

The payments are set to enable the less fortunate to stand a chance to pay for their rent and home mortgages amid the pandemic.