Blogger Itumbi Blocks KOT Who Doubted his Kidnap Story

Digital strategist and United Democratic Alliance party {UDA} blogger on Friday was trolled with a section of Kenyans on Twitter {KOT} after he decided to block all his fans who doubted his December 23rd Kidnap story.

Blogger Itumbi Blocks KOT Who Doubted his Kidnap Story

This comes after the outspoken blogger revealed his side of the tale, alleging that his captors tortured and stripped him in an attempt to get him to modify his political views.

“It is a must you change your political persuasion to match that of the ‘boss’,” he recalls.

“Who is the ‘boss’? he retorted back at the kidnappers, ‘Slap, blow, tightening of handcuffs.”

Another  KOT doubted his tale since he recovered within a few days and managed to walk despite the multiple fractures.

“You walking with multiple fractures with no help makes Jesus walking on water feel like child-play,” said Isaac Otendo.

“Miracles are real if you were hit with crude weapons like a hammer and you had no swollen limbs! That you were hit with crude weapons by six men, six, and you recovered within a week from broken legs! This is a Miracle that can only be equated to the times of Jesus! Hitmen gave you time even to see how they were changing vehicles? That they were even foolish and bold enough to tell you who sent them? The fiction stories are more real than this!” said Mikejohn’s Moo.

Itumbi was abducted on 23rd December from a barbershop on Kiambu Road. He was later found dumped naked in Lucky Summer, Kasarani, with injuries on his body.

On 28th December, Kenya`s Deputy President William Ruto visited the then-ailing Itumbi at the hospital to see his recovery process.

The DP later took to his official Twitter page to which he meant that Itumbi's attack appears to have been orchestrated by the police.

Dennis Itumbi's HNIB: Propaganda Machine or DP's Secret Weapon? - Business  Today Kenya

                             Undated Photo of Blogger Itumbi with DP William Ruto.PHOTO FILE

“[I] spent time with Comrade DI last evening, saw his heavily bandaged arm and legs, the result of torture by people who should have been there to protect him and us all. They have now turned violent and fatalistic after all the negative narratives, threats, and blackmail against us failed.”