Bobi Wine Mourns the Death Of this Leader

Bobi wine, the famous Ugandan opposition leader is mourning the death of Catholic Church Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga that took place on Saturday 3th.

Bobi Wine Mourns the Death Of this Leader

Bobi wine took to his social media pages to express his deepest condolences after the death of the bishop.

“Archbishop Lwanga joins several other eminent outspoken religious leaders who have recently died under very unclear circumstances.” Stated Bobiwine.

Ugandan Opposition Leader Bobi wine Photo courtesy

He also further added “He will be remembered for always speaking out against injustice and oppression. Only yesterday as he joined the faithful to celebrate the way of the cross, he raised his voice yet again and condemned the rampant abductions of our people by the state”

On the other hand, in his condolences message, he started by saying that it was a dark day for Uganda and a dark day for the Catholic Church adding that the death of the Archbishop happened under very unclear circumstances that have left many people with unanswered questions.