Bonga Points To pay for Okoa Jahazi

OkoaJahazi defaulters will lose their Bonga points to repay debt.

Bonga Points To pay for Okoa Jahazi
Safaricom headquater

Safaricom has given directives to Okoa Jahazi defaulters. It has issued a warning that it will automatically deduct customer`s Bonga points to pay off the Okoa Jahazi debts. .

The new movement was made by Giant Telco which aims at reducing the value of bonga points yet to be redeemed by customers. 

It has been noted that the Bonga points may accummulate to billions yet theusers are in debt . 

Okoa Jahazi is a Safaricom based airtime credit. One user can borrow multiple times regardless of a previous debt.. Each Safaricom subscriber earns a loyalty point when using the telephont service which the telco wants to settle unpaid okoa jahazi debt. 

The telco loyalty started in October 2017 giving both prepaid and postpaid subscribers a point for every sh.10 spent on its network.

In addition to data, minutes and SMS, the points are usually redeemable for marchandise at select retail outlets through Lipa na Mpesa