Boy, 4, Who Survived in Tsavo Wilderness for 6 Days to Get Education Sponsorship

Just a few days after the little 4-year-old boy, Ayub Ahmed, a 4-year-old boy was rescued from Tsavo East National Park on December 5 after spending 6 days in the wilderness, a Kenyan-born well-wisher, Roan Carr-Hartley, a Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) pilot has offered to support him and his family. 

Boy, 4, Who Survived in Tsavo Wilderness for 6 Days to Get Education Sponsorship

According to Roan, he will cater for his entire education from primary school to college. In addition, his family will also receive help.

"I am helping arrange and facilitate this for the boy and his family, I will be meeting with them soon and making a plan to move forward," Hartley revealed to one of the media stations in Kenya.

According to the pilot, his survival story changed the story of his local village in Tana River County, with tourists and other donors aiming for it. Following Ayub's survival story, local institutions and medical facilities are also expected to tour the area.

Ayub's father revealed that it was a big relief to his family and the village after his son was found. They seek help from the pilot after they searched for the boy for several days with no fruit of finding him.

"It was an emotional moment for me from the sky; a very emotional reunion. I could see how happy these people were and I could only imagine how the village that was in a somber mood when we left would rejoice to learn of this rescue," Ayub's father stated.

According to Hartley, ground teams attempted to track his tiny footprints while the fixed-wing pilot assisted in the search from the air.

"One lost night stretched into several, and it seemed increasingly impossible that the child would be found alive in such a vast, unforgiving landscape," Roan stated.

According to reports, the minor survived for six days in the Tsavo wilderness by eating Amarula seed-like pods and drinking rainwater.

When Ayub was discovered, he was rehydrated and placed on a slow drip. He had mosquito bites and scratches from the bristling thorn bushes all over him. Hartley's feet were blistered and riddled with thorns and cuts, which is understandable given the long distances he walked. 

Ayub's feet. PHOTO FILE