Broke Millionaire?

Footballer Achraf Hakimi on the spotlight over divorce and being broke

Broke Millionaire?
Footballer Achraf Hakimi with his wife. Photos: courtesy

The Morocco based footballer has been on the spot after his wife, Hiba Abouk filed for divorce. She was demanding half of Achraf Hakim`s wealth but discovered that he owns nothing in his name. Apparently, all of the International footballer`s wealth is registerd in his mother`s name.

Achraf is said to be asking fromhis mother anything he needed. All his properties from cars, clothes and jewelery are all under his mother`s name. All the mony he makes get deposited in her mothers account.

The two are married with two sons. They started dating in 2018. Hiba made a decision to finalize their marriage around March,2023. This came after allegations that Hakim was being investigated in Paris for rape. 

Most men are supporting the idea of not registering his wealth in his or his wife`s name, calling him "wise".