Brenda Wairimu Announcement that Startled Fans

Brenda Wairimu, a top actress turned fashion designer, recently made a surprising announcement about herself that startled her followers.

Brenda Wairimu Announcement that Startled Fans

The actress recently shared a video on her Instagram page stating that she is expecting her second child. Brenda is already a mother to her and Juliani's infant girl, Amor Njeri; hence this would be her second pregnancy.

Brenda opts out of the famous grandiose unveiling in the post. She took to Instagram to share a simple video of herself dancing away from the camera; she exposes a baby bulge when she turns back.

On the other hand, a baby bulge would imply that the singer is already in her second trimester, which would be difficult to accept given that her prior posts have shown nothing indicating that she is pregnant.

The admirers may be correct since her baby bulge seems to have shrunk in recent photos. She shared a photo of herself in an airport, waiting for a trip.
We presume she is going on vacation after working so hard all year. The actress even took a break from performing to pursue a different professional path since she has decided to start selling clothes.  She went on to add, "When I talk of  clothing, I'm not referring to mitumba."

Ms. Wairimu, also known as Mama Amor, has announced a collaboration with LABEL 15, a luxury fashion company, through which she will launch her fashion collection.

The actress confirmed the news on her Instagram page. She shared a snapshot of herself dressed in one of her styles. The actress is dressed in a black and white striped coat, boyfriend shorts, and matching boots. 

She assures her followers that her collection is for all women in the message.