Bunge la Mwananchi Give Uhuru 3-Days to End Curfew

Bunge la Mwananchi leaders have asked Uhuru to remove some of the restrictions affecting the livelihoods of Kenyans.

Bunge la Mwananchi Give Uhuru 3-Days to End Curfew

Bunge la Mwananchi; a Nairobi-based lobby group, leaders have asked Uhuru Kenyatta to remove some of the measures set since Kenyan hustlers have been adversely affected in the last few days. Most livelihoods have started going into depression due to low income and loss of jobs. They said measures such as curfew and closure of bars were inessential and causing frustration among Kenyans.

"The president thinks that everyone is rich in the country. The new restrictions are so saddening. He has closed bars and restaurants, where will the waiters and waitresses go? How essential is the curfew, the virus spreads with or without curfew? We ask him to lift the curfew in three days," one of the members stated.

He also pointed that political leaders are only minding their business and interests, not ready to fight Kenyans.

"They see the president messing the country but they cannot challenge him. They are out here forming political alliances as Kenyans continue to suffer. They should come together to fight for Kenyans. We will punish them in 2022," he said.