Causalities After Chaos Erupt In Vihiga Church

Three people were on Sunday injured after chaos ensued in a church in Sabatia, Vihiga County between two opposing sides over a service that took longer than expected.

Causalities After Chaos Erupt In Vihiga Church

It is said that the Pentecostal Assemblies of God-Kenya church in Lunyerere is divided, with one side rallying behind the pastor and the other with its own leader, dubbed the ‘Caretaker’, in the congregation.

The two groups use the same church to worship but in shifts.

On Sunday, the Caretaker’s group is said to have worshipped for longer than expected, angering the pastor’s group which was waiting outside.

Chaos ensued as the group was trying to get the other out of the building until police officers from Lunyerere intervened to contain the situation.

One lady was hit with a metal rod used to ring the church bell while the pastor’s clothes were torn during in the incident.

“The pastor's group had come for their monthly service while the caretaker’s group prolonged their service as if they did not want to give space,” said one of the PAG-K overseers in Walodeya area Bony Karani.

Karani further condemned the incident, blaming the church leadership for inciting congregants.