Cholera Outbreak

Cholera Outbreak In Thika

Cholera Outbreak
Cholera outbreak

Thika level V hospital has been recieving patient with the latest cases from two inmates that were diaginised with cholera. While reporting about the issue, Kiambu county prison commander, Karani Limanye has confirmed that the two were admitted in the hospital. 

The first case is said to have been reported on April 8. 38 cases have been reported from the prison but were contained only to re=emerge with 10 fresh cases. 

Alice Ng`ang`a who is the Thika Member of parliament has urged on hygene in and out of prison to help with the outbreak, she has since donated water tanks to help ensure adequate water supply.

"It is all about hygene . I am advising those living in prison, if there is an outbreak of cholera, it means our hygene levels are down instead of improving. Do the same thing we did during Covid-19, maintain hygene," Alice adviced,