Church Suspends Wedding After Fornication Confessions.

The wedding will have to be postponed for another year after a counselling session.

Church Suspends Wedding After Fornication Confessions.
wedding called off after fornication confessions.

The long awaited day for a couple in Tana river was cut short after confessions to fornication.The wedding will now be forced to be pushed until next year. 

The two lovers who were worshipers at the Evangelical  Church confessed to their preacher that they were engaging in pre- marital sex before their wedding during a counselling session. Despite the man agreeing to these claims, his bride denied ever being intimate with her husband before. 

After a series of interrogation, the two came to an agreement of having committed fornication instead of waiting until marriage. A member of the wedding committee also backed up the claims. 

The pastor became outrageous after the confession, throwing the couple out of his office, after which he called the intercession team to intervene in a Godly way. The couple waited for two hours and were later called back in. The two were advised to seperate for a period of 12 months and put the wedding plans on hold since they went against God`s teaching on remaining faithful until marriage. 

During this separation time, the couple should spend it on confessing their sins and seek God. Prayer warriors from the church were also tasked to help them in prayers. 

According to congregants, this was not the first wedding to be cancelled. Weddings mostly go south after the confession session after which they are advised to pray.

The question remains, are they not still coming back as fornicators? Would it not have been best if they prayed after their wedding?