CoG Chair Governor Martin Wambora Gets Covid-19 Vaccination

Since the vaccine drive's launch on March 5, various leaders have been volunteering to get the jab, in an effort to clear safety doubts by the public.

CoG Chair Governor Martin Wambora Gets Covid-19 Vaccination
Governor Wambora when he got his dose on March 16. [Photo/ Nation]

The Council of Governors (CoG) Chair and Embu County boss Martin Nyaga Wambora on Tuesday got his Covid-19 jab. Speaking at the Embu Level Five after being vaccinated, Wambora urged the medics to follow the suit.

"I'm leading from the front because I know the vaccine is safe," stated Wambora dismissing safety concerns that surrounded the vaccine.

The CoG boss further added that he had asked all governors to ensure that they get vaccinated as a way of fostering assurance that the vaccine was safe.

The governor insisted that since the World Health Organization (WHO) had certified the vaccine's safety. He added that the AstraZeneca vaccine will save lives, and nobody should be afraid of injection. 

He noted that the vaccine came at the right time to reduce numerous deaths that were being witnessed as a result of the pandemic. 

Additionally, Wambora called upon the public to continue adhering to the set regulations, as recommended by the Health Ministry.