Comedian Mammito ‘Weds’ Eddie Butita

There have been mixed reactions on the internet as a photo of Comedian Mammito and her fellow, alleged lover, Eddie Butita in wedding gowns went viral on social media.

Comedian Mammito ‘Weds’ Eddie Butita

This however kept Kenyans talking online uncontrollably.

Mammito has been able to make a name for herself always pushing for her online content, which so far is doing well.

However, there have been allegations that the two are seeing one another and they even have a child together.

Ironically, they have never denied these allegations, and they always work together and support one another.

According to the photo, she shared an edited picture by gabsmwax. In the picture, they looked so funny in their wedding dresses and behind them was singer Akothee and comedian Otoyo, who were like their best maids.

However, Mammito stated that the act was punishable by law, many of her fans commented including her alleged lover, Eddie Butita.

"Fanyeni hii maneno sasa, we need to see You together".