Covid-19 is real

A lady text her friend that she was about to die.

Covid-19 is real

This is following different sad scenarios where we have lost our loved ones due to covid-19. This is following a particular hearbreaking conversation I came across today morning between friends. This is after a friend ask about her whereabouts and she replied "I'm about to die"

Anna Kutushabe graduated recently with arts and social sciences from Makerere University shortly after getting married. She contracted covid-19  few days ago and was admitted. A friend tried to reach out to know how she was doing because she was lost for a while, she replied with a photo of her on a ventilator with the caption that she was about to die.

Just few hours ago Anna Katushabe just lost the battle to covid-19 and went home to God. May her soul rest in peace and condolences to the family and friends of Anna.

Covid-19 is biting hard let's keep safe let's all follow the set precautions that have been set by the health ministry and the government.  Covid-19 is real! Don't wait for more sad stories to understand it better. Stay safe.