Crazy Beauty Hacks for an Eye-Catching Skin

Mind Blowing Beauty Hacks.

Crazy Beauty Hacks for an Eye-Catching  Skin

Whether science, fiction or reality, some beauty hacks are just bind-blowing. Some should just be kept as a secret. Peeing in the bathroom to wash your face with your urine is said to give your  skin a cristal glow. There is, no scientific proof that this "morning routine" will clear the acne in your face.

Apparently, urine contains urophagia or urotherapy which, in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt was used by medics to treat acne and cancer! 

Beauticians have come up with all forms of home made remedies to have a clear skin. One of the easiest and the most used combination is honey, lemon and sugar to scrub your face. This is also believed to prevent cracked lips. 

Some, however, prefer using plain water, whether warm or cold to wash the face. Those who use this routine claim that soap provokes acne. 

What most of these beautician will not reveal is what other remedies they use for their face, what sunscreen or cream or oil they use. They will also not reveal that each face has a type and that all these remedies apply differently and will yield different results.