CS Machogu on KCSE Results

Machogu says that some principals faked KCSE mean grades.

CS Machogu on KCSE Results

While speaking before the National Assembly Education Committee,  the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu spoke about the 2022 KCSE results. 

Machogu pointed out that some schools had faked their school`s mean grade and gave the wrong impression. 

"There is a school in my sub-county where the principal lied on their notice board that they had achieved a mean of 7 points yet they had 4 points," Cs Machogu.

The hearing comes after a push by MPs over the alleged cheating in the past exams. Julius Melly, Education committee chair led the probe to find out how they will deal with the continued accusation of  cheating in exams. Demotivation during exams is amonng the factors that the team aims at resolving.