Daddy Owen Now Ready to Settle With A Kienyeji Girl

Kenyan musician Owen Mwatia, also known as Daddy Owen, has gone viral after revealing the type of woman he wants to marry. The 40-year-old revealed this after stating that he was being pressurized by his family.

Daddy Owen Now Ready to Settle With A Kienyeji Girl
Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen revealed that despite his family being on his neck to marry as soon as possible, age was also catching up with him. He also revealed that his mother was pressuring him to at least get someone around him and stop walking alone.

“She tells me to even hire someone just to stop walking alone at home. She is worried that I live alone, I walk alone,” Daddy Owen stated.

He also expressed his fear of getting into a new relationship as it may trigger his past experiences in a marriage.

“I am not prepared since I understand it is not my decision alone, I need to have someone. Any move with someone else might trigger my past. I am like, will I treat her well or I will be under the same pressure and the relationship end again?” he stated.

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Here are the qualities of the lady that Daddy Owen wants to marry.

1. The lady should be dark-skinned and very prayerful.

2. The lady should be from the village and not be born in any town.

3. The lady should not be in the limelight and should be able to make him traditional meals.

4. The lady should only wear long dresses.

In 2016, Daddy Owen got engaged to his lover, Farida Wambui but years later, their marriage seemed to hit the rock and they got a divorce. Speaking during an interview with one of the media personalities in Kenya, Daddy Owen opened up about having depression after the news of their break up hit the internet.

Daddy Owen & his ex-wife, Farida Wambui. PHOTO FILE

Daddy Owen stated how he struggled with the situation and one year after their breakup is when Daddy Owen was seen removing his wedding ring.

"Before this story happened, I went into depression. I was in depression for a very long time and it was really tough. You going through depression and you’re a celebrity is really hard because when you come out, guys will ask, what happened…you’re a celebrity and everyone looked at you like you live in this perfect world with this perfect person,” Daddy Owen stated.