Dear Life Episode 3: An Encounter With a Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is a relationship between two or more people who are constantly fighting or on thin ice but trying to maintain the relationship.

Dear Life Episode 3:  An Encounter With a Toxic Relationship

Your siblings get true affection, and even their health was more important to your parents. School even seemed like a safe place because teachers would give you some attention. Never wanting to go home to a place where time froze to remind you of the hell you existed in. Teacher’s asking where your parents are to discuss your results, and you have no strength to answer, knowing the truth will get you digging your grave. Matters get worse when either parent turn to drugs to console their scattered selves. A wrong move can result in your body plastered on the wall from a punch or throw. No painkillers and sleeping pills can numb the pain and nightmares that follow every night.

Fake friendships, broken trust and shattered family relations. Can friends truly see the real you, or do they destroy the little part of you that lives on hope? Friends can build on you, and they can also destroy you from beneath your feet. The primary school where we all start calling friends “Best friends” to hear the whispers in the back of our secrets and rumours about ourselves. You know who started them ask the traitor, but they deny any part of it. They continue flooding your thoughts and become part of you. You start creating a fantasy world where your fears and pain become your false dreams and friends. Your memories become altered and stored as your reality; you can longer remember the reality of your life—such a pity to change the truth to fit your world of happiness.