Dear Life Episode 6: Dark Emotions Revealed

Dark emotions are sadness, emptiness, loss, depression, despair, shame, and fear. Yes, the dark emotions are painful and challenging to experience.

Dear Life Episode 6: Dark Emotions Revealed

Insecurities, what are they? They are what your brain wants you to believe in so that you doubt yourself and what others think about you and believe. It’s like playing a game of snakes and ladders where you just get eaten by snakes repeatedly. They make your esteem drop and fall to levels where you want to be swallowed alive. They make part of your personality, and you want them gone to make you a better person. The life you made us, yet you want us driven to madness by flaws and fears. Can you be more heartless?

Loneliness is an emotion that clouds your memories and your soul with darkness and silence that drives your sense to override, and you want to be in a state of unconsciousness and separated from this earth. You have no place to go, and you float between worlds, and your imagination keeps you company. The silence eats away your sanity, and your values fade to the surrounding. You gain a sense of oblivion which means you have given up and lost humanity—a state of loss with no pain.

Drugs, suicide and self-harm are a path to death’s waiting door. Mostly, the last resort to all you can do and have done to be seen, noticed and given attention. The pain, rage, anger, loneliness, paralysis and lost hope have made you see the light at the end of the tunnel because life has become a cross to carry your body can’t keep up with the growing weight. You want to see your maker and beg for mercy to be freed from this earth and live in a haven of peace. The flesh cut answers your prayers, and the pills drown your body in a state of Neverland, and death carries your burdens. You crumble before your soul and sacrifice your life for peace and solitude. Your blood mesmerized your soul, and temporary safety gave you solace.

The end has come, and I shall stand before my master and creator to answer all my questions. Death awaits my request and receives me with open arms. This is my final goodbye from this earth as I fought a war and lost my humanity and sanity. Forgive me, God. Am sorry.