Details Emerge Over Kenya's Secret Sh139 Billion Covid-19 Loan

Whether the loan was received, when and how it was utilized is what remains the great concern.

Details Emerge Over Kenya's Secret Sh139 Billion Covid-19 Loan
Entrance to the Treasury Ministry's building. [Photo/ File]

Three months after the Covid-19 had been reported in Kenya, panicking Kenyan authorities rushed to secure Sh139 billion (1.06 billion euros) to fund mobile clinics and boost health systems in readiness for the pandemic. 

Security Exchange Commission (SEC) for the United States has now revealed that the loan agreement involved Kenya's Treasury ministry and a firm based in Canada which was to be the contractor.

The agreement was cemented in June 2020, at a time when the Kenyan Covid-19 infections were steadily increasing, prompting the government to introduce several measures among them partial lockdowns. 

Under the agreement, a Techno-Investment Module (TIM) based in Belarus was to fund the project namely the Kallo Integrated Delivery System (KIDS).

However, such systems never arrived in the country, with details surrounding them remaining unclear to date. Contacted recently about the matter, the Treasury pledged to investigate whether the parliament is aware of such and if the loan amount in question was really disbursed.