Do Men Fight For Their Wives In The Presence of In-laws

A Lot of Marriages Are Breaking Because Of In-laws

Do Men Fight For Their Wives In The Presence of In-laws
Stand up for your wife in the presence of In-laws

Marriage involves two Prime parties, the husband and the wife. However, there is a 'secondary' party which is made ip of beth families. To make marriage work, both parties are suppossed to work  together.

In most cases, regardless of how much the two love each other, their marriage may not last longer if the in-laws interfere. Mainly, women are usually fighting for a space in their man`s space. His family will come in the way of their marriage, overstaying, mediating or overstepping in their matters

As a man, it is wrong to let your wife feel like they are fighting for you against your family. When a family member from either party visits they should not overstay, even if it is a parent. Once married, you should realize that you have started your family.

Be the man of the house, be the mediator. Do not let only your family intervene, mostly your siblings. In cases that things are getting out of hand, parents from both parties should be called and mediate. 

This also applies to women. When things go left, let both parties have a say. 

The only way to a healthy relationship is to keep things behind closed doors. If you see things are not working and neither families can resolve, visit a psychologist.