Dozens of Protesters Detained In Naypyidaw Myanmar

More than a dozen of protesters were apprehended by Myanmar Security personnel on Monday afternoon as the widespread fury about the February 1 military coup is channeled into a general strike taking place in several cities across the country.

Dozens of Protesters Detained In Naypyidaw Myanmar

According to a statement by the press in the country, the protesters marched to Naypyidaw when they were rounded up by the security men who showed up unknowingly and shoved the protesters into vans in the township of Ottarathiri, Zabuthiri, and also in the township of Pyinmana.

Thousands of Protesters Matching in the Myanmar City Source Myanmar Now

On the other hand, the security personnel had also stationed troops at the most affected places in Myanmar in an attempt to subdue the protests, who have been in the streets for days further disrupting normalcy in the country.

Citizens with banners demanding the release of their Leaders: Source Twitter

This comes at a time the protesters are demanding the release of their leaders President U Win Myint alongside Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

President U win Myint had been accused of inciting the youths to create chaos after the November 2020 elections.