EACC Warns Meru Boss Kawira For Husband`s Appointment

The Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission {EACC} warned the current Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza for Appointing her husband Murega Baicu Mwangaza as the youth service patron and ambassador for hustlers.

EACC Warns Meru Boss Kawira For Husband`s Appointment

According to the EACC, Mwangaza  grossly violated Chapter Six of the Constitution by appointing her spouse to the two positions.

EACC Chief Executive, Twalib Mbarak, made note of Baicu's appointment as the county's youth service patron and ambassador for hustlers in a letter to the governor of Meru.

Mbarak expressed worry over Baicu's attendance at and delegation of tasks at official county events despite not holding a public post.

Earlier on Governor Mwangaza stated that her husband Baicu would work for free within the county. 

The Meru county boss was accused of employing two of her sisters whereby one as a personal assistant and another as her security personnel amove which Twalib Mbarak stated would create a conflict of interest, as it goes against the constitutional requirement that a state officer be appointed officer. 

Additionally, the former Meru Women Representative was accused of ordering county workers to support her government on social media.

She was accused of using her cleaners and acting director of communications in county positions, among other things.

The anti-graft agency`s warning comes barely days after Kawira encountered opposition from Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) who skipped her inaugural presentation because she obstructed their attempts to enter her office, the MCAs ignored her remarks and left. Mwangaza, on the other hand, defended herself, saying that she had visited 20 wards and was joined on each journey by the corresponding MCA.

Additionally, Homabay Governor Gladys Wanga was also accused of creating four posts in the governor's delivery unit and six liaison officer positions. The anti-graft organization stated that the county public service board should be given the mandate.


Homabay Governor Gladys Wanga. PHOTO FILE

Wanga responded by saying that before making the nominations, she had spoken with the county public service board.