Effects Of Hunger

What You Risk By Denying yourself food.

Effects Of Hunger
Effects of hunger

While some go without food to 'keep fit',  it might be tragic to your body. Research has it that it is not the skipping to eat that will keep your body in shape but eating healthy and regular exercise. Both children and adults are at health risks for not eating.

Little known fact is that hunger can cause asthma and anaemia. In addition, a child may develop behavioral  problems like hyperactivity, aggression and anxiety. 

Prolonged hunger causes weakness, pain, drastic weight loss, compromised immune system and impares thinking. Continous starvation leads to organ failure. It may reduce heart muscle mass, lower heart rate and blood pressure and worse of all, sensitivity to noise and light. On extreeme cases, victims may experience hair loss and a dry skin. Victims have also died from starvation

When dealing with a starvation case, warm water with glucose is advised before anything else. Milk may be served afterwards.