EPRA: Fuel Costs to Remain Unchanged

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has left fuel costs unchanged for a third straight month since November.

EPRA: Fuel Costs to Remain Unchanged

This is as the government continues to utilize the petroleum development levy (PDL) to cushion consumers from the prevailing high global oil prices.

Subsequent to the hold in costs, a liter of petrol will continue retailing in the Capital Nairobi at Ksh.129.72 while diesel and kerosene will sell at Ksh.110.60 and 103.54 respectively.

The average landed cost for super petrol in the December import cycle was however on the decline, having eased by 4.11 percent.

Diesel and kerosene import costs were similarly down by 5.71 and 4.89 percent respectively in the cycle.

The National Treasury is expected to compensate oil marketers for the continued trim on supplier margins which remain at zero for a second month running even as it emerges that the exchequer has delayed compensation to the marketers in previous cycles.

The oil marketers are to earn Ksh.14.75 compensation for every liter of super petrol sold and Ksh.17.84 & Ksh.20.23 respectively for diesel and kerosene.

The hold in fuel costs is set to keep pressure off inflation with the cost of living has subsided over the last month from easing energy costs.

Inflation stood at 5.73 per cent in December from a higher 5.8 per cent in November -- the lowest rate of inflation since a year prior.