Ethiopia Detains Thousands of Tigrayans Without Charge

The Associated Press(AP) has found out that Ethiopia has swept up thousands of ethnic Tigrayans into detention centers across the country on accusations that they are traitors, often holding them for months and without charges.

Ethiopia Detains Thousands of Tigrayans Without Charge

A military detainee told the AP that he was being held together with more than 400 Tigrayans against their will by the Ethiopian government where lawyers were not allowed to contact them and even families can’t visit them.

The mass detentions and house arrests are an extension of the war in the Tigray region marked by massacres, gang rapes, expulsions, and forced starvation, which witnesses claim is a calculated move aimed at destroying the Tigrayan minority of more than 6 million.

The alleged detentions are shocking because Prime minister Abiy was once praised for releasing thousands of political prisoners in the country.

However, Mekonnen Amare told the AP he was confident that Ethiopia’s government is only after the top leadership of Tigray’s former rulers stating that there is no such thing as mass detention or mass abuse of rights.

But in a leaked video posted online earlier in the war and verified by the AP, a senior military official said harsh words directed to Tigrayans stating that there may be good people among them but the challenge is that they can’t differentiate the good from the bad thus the need to detain them in what he termed as cleaning from the inside.