EX-Nairobi Governor Sonko Celebrates Son Upon Completion of KCSE

Former Nairobi boss Mike Mbuvi Sonko took to his Facebook account on Friday 23rd to celebrate his adopted son Master Gift Osinya upon completion of his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education {KCSE} exams at Lenana School.

EX-Nairobi Governor Sonko Celebrates Son Upon Completion of KCSE

The former Governor adopted Gift Osinya and his younger brother and baby Satrine Osinya after terrorists attacked  Joy Jesus Repentance Church Likoni Mombasa County on one ill-fated Sunday of 23rd March 2014.

The brutal incident caused the life of Gift and Satrine`s mother further leaving a bullet lodged in the skull of Baby Osinya who was  1 year 6months old by then.

A photo of Gift Osinya carrying his young brother went viral on social media. This however touched Sonko. He then mobilized resources to facilitate the treatment of Baby Osinya before opting to adopt the two young boys.

      Sonko`s Adopted Sons  Gift Osinya carrying his young brother Satrine Osinya in 2014 Photo Courtesy

Sonko penned this lengthy word of encouragement to his son:

"Gift and Satrine have been an immense blessing to me and my family ever since, and it's been with great joy that we have watched the two grow into fine, young men with a promising future ahead of them. So, today was again a moment of great joy and a big milestone for us as a family when Master Gift Osinya completed his KCSE at the Lenana School. My son Gift, I am so proud of you and truly grateful to God for the blessing you have been in our lives. I pray that the God of Daniel, Meshack, and Abednego who saved your life, and that of your younger brother Satrine, will forever walk before you and with you at all times as you enter the next phase of your life as a young adult."

Finally, he expressed thanks to all the people who stood with them in prayers and words of encouragement he said:

"May the God of Jabez continue expanding your territories."